Mindiful (prononced, Mind-De-ful) - is a concept created by Corrina Cunningham that showcases beautiful and mindfully purchased products. Follow her journey finding more mindful products on Instagram @Moga_Mind

"My goal is to introduce you to great companies that have great products.  I have fun using these products and sharing them with you!  We can Buy Better because let's face it, we buy things anyways and that's life, but let's buy more mindfully. I love searching for companies that are early startups, environmentally friendly, fair trade, started by women, or even just completely new or exciting!

Mindiful airs several times monthly on Girltalk Channel 57. See the latest episode below and learn about this month's Mindiful products!

Latest episode:

Products on this episode include (don't forget to click on their sites and learn even more about what they offer):

 1.  LuSa Organicshttp://www.lusaorganics.com/
LuSa Organics is a wonderful body line that is operated by a family here in Wisconsin.  Products are safe for children, babies, and use organic ingredients. They have pure essential oils and don't use artificial colors or fragrances.  Because they are 100% handmade and poured, you feel a personal touch with every single product. 10% of their profits supports positive Global Change
2. Wigwam Sockshttps://www.wigwam.com/
Made here in Wisconsin, these socks are warm and stylish! They source all their materials within US borders and are dedicated to accountability. To them, that means, "no fiber left behind," so they use every fiber and bad knit that would otherwise be left in a landfill.  They are totally committed to being a "zero landfill company"  and also donate socks to people experiencing homelessness.
3. Just Coffeehttp://justcoffee.coop/
Not just your average coffee company, this company supports their farmers.  They are fair trade and provide decent wages for their farmers. Their relationship with them and the quality of their beans is extremely important, you can even see their contracts with their farmers online!  This coffee is perfected and cared for, every bean has a fragrance that will lure you into another cup.