For Businesses

We work with select businesses, academic institutions, athletic groups, and other organizations to create MogaMind packages for employees, students, and members. MogaMind provides a convenient and accessible way for employees to reduce feelings of stress and improve focus through voiceover-guided music tracks built upon the Tri-Layer Effectâ„¢ of Gratitude, Love, and Visualization.

Business Packages Include some or all of the following:

  • Live MogaMind sessions
  • Creation of custom tracks
  • Usage metrics, wellness resources, and more
  • Subscriptions to the growing MogaMind track library
  • Curation of organization specific track playlists (ex. slower meditative tracks for reducing stress)
  • Track delivery system optimized for employee workflow (ex. browser-based portals, mobile app, etc.)

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Modern Combat Systems MMA - St. Louis, MO

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