What is MogaMind?

"It's like Yoga for the Mind"

MogaMind is the combination of various types of music and basic elements of Mindfulness put together to make you feel motivated, inspired, but also relaxed.  

We created this recipe to help people incorporate feeling good in a short amount of time by using the movement of music.  Music has a special way of introducing you to good feelings within seconds of the song, take you to a climax midway through, and end with a resolution.  Like a good story, in a short time it will complete you from beginning to end in just 4 mins.  So we thought, lets use this concept and mix it with basic elements of mindfulness.  

We created this recipe because it worked for us during busy and tough times.  We felt strongly that we can't be the only ones who felt this way and wanted to share it with our 7 -day experience that we created. 

The Tri-Layer Effect™

The combination of Gratitude, Love, and Visualization with various types of music.

MogaMind is designed so most everyone can use it:

  • Already do meditation, mindfulness, and stuff like that?
  • Great! Use MogaMind after you normal session or if you can't make it to your meditation class, not feeling well, or need a change up in between days. MogaMind is a great addition to your regular routine.

  • Not into this stuff?
  • No problem! MogaMind is a great bridge to go from never trying mindfulness into a comfortable, relatable, and easy method. It still has the benefits of mindfulness so you can feel better and dip into meditation then explore more as you like.

  • Sort of dabble in Meditation or Mindfulness?
  • Perfect! Use MogaMind to get you back into the swing of things...then continue using it if you want to mix it up!


    Want to try it?